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While I can do photoshoots and Indie films, my primary products are short promotional videos and documentary productions. Whether on location, or in the studio I aim to create compelling and enticing film and web products for advertising and educational markets.


This is my primary activity. While I enjoy taking a few shot for their artistic value I'm more calculating than that. I enjoy the challenge of selecting a message and building a story to support it. If I've been successful, my clients will spend more time discussing their goals than reviewing my results.

With a combination of still photograpsh and video clips,  marketing programs can utilize the dynamics of motion, and the stunning beauty of photographs engineered for maximum visual impact. Using voice overs or recorded interviews, I can bring a sense of reality and credibility to any project. My mission is to help you achieve your mission. The process of discovering what each client wants is almost as exciting as building the solution!


Film // Video Editor

Adobe Design Suite

Available for freelance and contract jobs

on location or at my studio


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